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About Dr Data

About Me

My name is Parco Upchurch and I offer advance/professional knowledge of data management preparation & contingency planning. I am a Technical Engineer with A+, MCP, MCSE certifications along with four year college concentration in Civil Engineering and a two year technical school background.



Information Technology is my passion. My technical background began in the ‘80s with the Radio Shack TRS-80 to the Commodore 64 and continues on from there. I have over 30 years of technical experience with the last twnety years in professional careers. I have worked both as a programmer & technician and I have had a great opportunity to work with elite companies like FedEx, Time Warner\Comcast, Auto Zone, and Nike to name just a few.



I am always striving to improve my skills and my home\office is a perfect model of what I passionate believe and offering to you. With well developed though\planning and professional approach to any task seeking elite results, I never accept compromise in what concerns quality. I would rather exceed the deadline by one day than hand in mediocre results. I consider myself an elitist and cannot accept anything below exceptional.

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