Watch DOGS of Shelby County Schools

Watch DOGS (Dads of Great Students)

Our vision statement for the Watch DOGS: Changing the culture of Shelby County Schools through active, dedicated, positive men.


Watch DOGS are volunteers (fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, men in general.) whom have dedicated their livelihood & time to being positive male role models to not only their children but to all youth in Shelby County Schools. Our first and most important priority is to engage with all children to define what exemplifies a positive male role model, and then create a secure environment that promotes constructive education for all our children. Secondly, help other positive men become active Watch DOGS dads.

"Shelby County" Watch DOGS partners with Shelby County Schools which umbrellas this program. However, the views, comments, material shared on this website are solely the ownership of the volunteers of the "Shelby County" Watch DOGS charter.

The ownerrship of the Watch DOGS if from the National Center of Fathering

Watch DOGS Youth Mentoring Retreat with Holly Springs Cowboys

Partnered with the Holly Springs Black Cowboys @ Lesueur Ranch

Register Now: This event is free to all Shelby County boys. We are taking the first 60 boys ages 8-16. If you have questions, please use the form below.

Departing: July 27 @ 7am

Board of Education

2597 Avery

Memphis, TN 38112

Map (Directions)

Returning: 3pm

Event Flyer


The Cowboys Ranch (Lesueur Farm)

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